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dancer | choreographer | teacher
I was born and raised in Katowice, an industrial city in the south of Poland.

At the age of 5, I began training in rhythmic gymnastics. Despite a two hour-long trip to my classes, my mom continued to take me to the gym for ten years. I trained 24 hours a week and competed nationally and internationally.

Dance came into my life unexpectedly.

I retired from gymnastics at age 15, and enrolled in dance classes. After a short while, I was hooked. To learn more, I started doing workshops in various dance styles at home and abroad. In due course, I moved to Linz, Austria, to discover more about movement at the Stage Dance Department of Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität. Two years later, I moved to Zürich, Switzerland to start my professional career as a dancer.

I am a dancer, teacher and choreographer.

But most importantly, I am a student, constantly studying movement, driven to discover the many ways it can entertain, inspire and inform. I love teaching and learning from my students. I love searching for inspiration and finding different ways of delivering messages to an audience. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to live my passion and share it with others. I continue to learn about other art forms that tie in closely with dance. Wide open to life, I am energized by every opportunity to pursue what I love.


Believe you can, and you're halfway there


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