As of April 2020 I'm offering online sessions. For booking and any questions please get int touch

One - to - one classes

  • flexibility training

  • conditioning for dancers

  • mobility and body awareness

The classes contain elements of yoga, pilates, as well as rhythmic gymnastics training

Open to everyone, from beginners to professionals. You need a reliable internet connection and
Zoom, FaceTime or Skype

Pricing options

1 session - €60

package of 5 sessions - €55
package of 10 sessions - €45

If you would like to split cost and train together with a friend get int touch to discuss the pricing options and availability.

Group training

Thursdays 17:00 - conditioning dancers // 60 minutes

Saturdays 17:00 - flexibility // 60 minutes open level 

Class will be held on Zoom. Please get in touch minimum 60 minutes before the class for details.

Price: €10

If due to the current situation you don't have money, but still would like to join get in touch with me and we will find the solution.

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